Tailored Benefit Services

As our partner, you will experience heightened recruiting success, enhanced retention rates, and significant reductions in turnover and re-hiring costs. Furthermore, this solution extends benefits to all employees, including part-time and seasonal workers, providing access to a range of wellness benefits previously inaccessible.
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Our innovative approach seamlessly integrates with existing insurance offerings, acting as a supplementary enhancement rather than a disruptive replacement. Keep your current health plan and broker relationship and let our product enhance what you already have at NO NET COST.

Our groundbreaking product provides support in the following areas:

Employer Benefits
  • Annual average tax savings of $500 per employee.
  • No Net Costs.
  • Reduction in FICA taxes.
  • Auto-enrollment for easy implementation.
  • Effective recruiting and retention tool resulting in lowering turnover/rehiring costs.
Employee Benefits
  • 24/7/365 Unlimited Virtual Care for primary, urgent, behavioral and dermatology.
  • Hospital indemnity plan - pays in addition to your standard benefit program.
  • Discounts on 2,900 of the most used Rx.
  • Discounts on hearing, imaging and more.
  • Dental savings plan Claims advocacy.
  • Health risk assessments and metabolic testing.
  • Increased take-home pay.
Employee Education and Communication
  • Custom-tailored communication strategies to ensure clear and effective dissemination of benefit information.
  • Conducting employee education sessions to help individuals understand their benefits.
  • Concierge service through our bilingual benefit counselors.
Technology Integration
  • Leveraging technology solutions for benefits administration, enrollment, and data management.
  • Providing online tools and platforms for employees to access and manage their benefits.
Vendor Management
  • Partnering with and managing relationships with insurance providers, carriers, and other benefit vendors.
  • Negotiating terms and pricing to secure the best value for clients.
Compliance and Regulatory Expertise
  • Staying abreast of ever-changing healthcare and benefits regulations.
  • Ensuring that benefit programs comply with local, state, and federal laws.
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