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Tailored Coverage

At Panthera Insurance, we understand the distinct challenges faced by government contractors. Our tailored insurance solutions are designed to safeguard and support government contractors at every step. From stringent regulations to intricate contracts, we offer comprehensive coverage to address the unique risks associated with government contracting.

Our Comprehensive Solutions:

Government Contracting Insurance
With our specialized insurance solutions, we cover a wide range of risks encountered in the government contracting industry. From compliance and liability issues to specialized services, our policies are meticulously crafted to ensure a high level of protection.
Specialized Government Contractor Support
Whether you're working overseas or contracted with the Department of Defense (DOD), we offer swift, tailored solutions for international insurance policies. Our focus on delivering single-source solutions ensures comprehensive coverage for government contractors operating globally.

Key Coverage Features:

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O): To safeguard against human error and negligence, our E&O insurance protects government contractors in the event of liabilities arising from mistakes, omissions, or inaccuracies in information.
Defense Base Act Insurance (DBA): For government contractors and workers based outside the United States, our DBA insurance provides essential coverage, including disability, medical, and death benefits. This policy covers employees involved in work-related incidents abroad, ensuring compliance and protection for overseas government contracting.

Why Panthera Insurance?

With a keen understanding of the distinctive challenges and risks encountered by government contractors, Panthera Insurance provides tailored insurance solutions to protect your interests, comply with regulations, and prevent costly liabilities. Trust Panthera Insurance to secure and support your government contracting ventures.
Safeguard your government contracts with Panthera Insurance - dedicated to providing robust, tailor-made insurance solutions for the unique challenges faced by government contractors.
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